'Wala Bang Lugar Dito Para Magpadede?' Husband Takes A Photo Of Her Wife Breastfeeding In A Public Place And Wrote A Caption That Will Make You Think About What You Say!

There has been a huge debate over breastfeeding in public. This happens not only in the Philippines but in most countries as well. Breastfeeding a child in public is frowned upon by a number of people. The country seems to be cut in half regarding what to do about this certain issue. 

There are mothers who would want the liberty to feed their baby when they need to. Plus it would be a nice open option even for mothers who don't publicly feed their child. A blogger implicitly stated that if you do not support breastfeeding in public, then you don't support breastfeeding at all. 

So with that in mind, a father supported his wife's act by posting it online with a very important caption. In the picture you see a very pretty wife nursing a baby. Her right breast popping out of the neckline in order to feed the child. She wasn't wearing any towel to cover it up. Nor was she doing it in the privacy of a bathroom. 

In his caption, he admits that he knows what people would say. Some would suggest covering her chest and others will demand that she do it somewhere else. But then the father raises three points to ponder. 

First is that would you be able to eat comfortably if you're face is covered and hidden? Imagine if you were always covered with a towel while you eat at a restaurant or anywhere public especially when you're really hungry? The second point is could you eat your food in a public toilet? Would you want to take the food you're eating or will eat in the nearest bathroom? And third is, could you imagine not eating when you need to eat? What would you feel then?


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