A street vendor spends all of his savings to buy an expensive smartphone for his daughter.

Every parent wants the best for their children. This is why they work hard as much as they can to ensure their kids’ primary needs—to have water and food on the table, to have a comfortable bed to sleep on, and to be able to attend school.

Sadly, parental sacrifices are often overlooked as many children think of these as merely their obligations. What’s even worse are those who ask for a piece of luxury from parents even if it is impossible for them to afford it. But since they want their kids to be happy, they will do anything to get a grasp of it.

Ililigtas sana ng 2 taong gulang na batang ito ang kanyang 1 taong gulang na kapatid sa kapahamakan! Pero hindi niyo akalain na ito ang mangyayari sa mag kapatid! Alamin niyo po dito ang buong pangyayari! http://www.showbizreaders.com/2017/09/oftentimes-when-people-are-talking-about-their-siblings.html

In this age of technology, gadgets have become the symbol of status of every owner which is why almost everybody wants to acquire the top-ranking ones. This street vendor from Indonesia, for instance. He became viral on social media after his story circulated on the web. Remarks in regard to this are not all positive, though.


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