Homeless Man Selflessly Returns a Bag With Cash and iPhone and Got a $3500 Reward for His Kind Act

Homeless people are often looked at negatively and with bad intentions. Many are wary of them, thinking that they may steal their belongings. However, one man proved that a person like him is not what everybody thinks. 

For two days, a homeless man named Paul Calderbank kept looking for the girl who owns the items he found outside a bar. According to reports, the objects he found include a handbag with a huge amount of cash in it alng with an expensive phone. Despite the bag having valuable contents like money and an iPhone, he did not take them for himself. He may not have enough, but still, he was selfless.

Lalaking Palaboy-laboy Sa Kalsada, Nakapulot Ng Bag Na May iPhone At Ito Ang Ginawa Sa Kanya Ng May-ari Nito!

The homeless man did everything to find more information on the purse’s owner, but he was only able to successfully discover her name. Apparently, the bag belongs to a certain Daisy Owen. 

He would not be able to contact her since her phone was with him so what he did was ask other girls about the owner’s age. The man asked them if they knew anything about her. Eventually, he found out that the name of the owner is Daisy. 


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