Female Passenger Finds A Lost Phone In A Jeepney, Discovers The Owner Is A 'Hokage'

It is unusual to stumble upon things accidentally left behind by the previous passengers whenever we commute. If ever it happens, the common things we mostly find are bus tickets or spare change. Sometimes thoguh, people tend to find valuable things such as wallets or mobile phones.

Online user Christine Guavez shared on Facebook that she found a cellphone in the jeepney she took on her way to work. The phone, she says, was an old Nokia unit. She picked it up and kept it open just in case someone calls to retrieve it.

However, no one contacted the lost phone throughout her shift. Christine then assumed the owner did not care about it at all since it’s an outdated model.

When she was on her way back home, she decided to call anyone from the phonebook. She also thought of calling someone from the list of digits on the recent calls, but there was none.

Christine found it weird, so she checked the settings of the phone. The unit’s settings were configured to view only the phone storage. She then changed it to sim storage view.

That was when she discovered something hilarious. Man, this phone’s owner is a true ‘Hokage’!


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