2 Year-Old Brother Suffers Tragic Death as He Tries to Save His Drowning 1 Year-Old Sister

Oftentimes, when people are talking about their siblings, sibling rivalry would always be one of the first few items that comes to mind. 

But people cannot deny that even if their siblings are their mortal enemies, they will also always be the ones they first think of when they have something funny to share or something sad to say. Most people might be having a hard time saying “I love you” to each other but they know deep inside themselves that with their siblings, they need not say anything. Just like these two kids from Bangladesh who have shown their love for each other but sadly ended up in a horrifying incident.

Dalawang Taong Gulang Na Bata, Tinangkang Iligtas Ang Kanyang Isang Taong Gulang Na Kapatid Sa Pagkakalunod Ngunit Ang Lahat Ay Nauwi Sa Nakakapanlumong Trahedya!

Apon and Mawa are siblings from a small town in Bangladesh. Apon was a 2 year-old big brother to his sister, Mawa, who was only a 1 year-old girl. The two kids were having a bath in a nearby pond without any adults to watch over them. Mawa accidentally went in the pond’s deep part and started to drown. Brave little Apon did not think twice and just plunged himself into the water when he saw his little sister drowning.

Unfortunately, both of them were unable to survive the incident. One of their relatives was shocked to see what happened to the two little children. They managed to find Mawa’s body floating on the water while Apon was found lifeless nearby.


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